Jim Humble’s Response to ABC News 20/20 Program of October 29, 2016

On Friday, October 29, 2016, ABC ran segments about MMS on at least four programs we know of: Nationally, on ABC World News Tonight and on ABC 2020; and locally in Los Angeles and Tampa Bay.

Not one of these programs made even a single attempt to be fair and balanced. It was all about MMS being a scam, etc.

The next day, we were happy to see that KABC, Los Angeles did an interview with Lindsay Wagner, actress of the 70s TV series, “Bionic Woman.” Wagner was suffering from a chronic case of severe disabling hives and no pharmaceutical drug would help. A friend put her in touch with a woman whose child seemed to be nearly cured of severe autism using MMS. She was desperate (sound familiar?) and decided to give it a try. Within a week she was off Prednisone. The hives disappeared and never came back.

Here is the link to Lindsay’s story:

This kind of positive testimonial is common and there are thousands of them online in both written form and as videos on Youtube—a fact that is rarely if ever given any light on mainstream news.

Lindsay did make it clear that she was not recommending MMS to anyone. That’s ok with me. I just appreciate that she shared her experience as thousands of others have.

On a follow-up article by ABC the next day (containing the 20/20 video) (http://abcnews.go.com/Health/fringe-church-founder-mms-cure/story?id=43158439), they did mention that they received over 500 emails along with a few statements people made.

Now I would like to address the various parts of the ABC 20/20 program itself:

Early on in the program, Mark Grenon is shown at a seminar, where he is mixing and then drinking properly prepared MMS. If it was poison, would he be drinking it?

The program implies that we are gouging attendees by charging $450 per seat at a seminar. Have you ever priced a hotel conference room these days? The organizer is usually charged for each table, table cloth, chair, water, extension cord, projector and screen, internet, pencil, notepad, etc., plus accommodations, food, and travel cost for all those making it happen. MMS seminars usually run from 3 to 5 days long, there isn’t much left after everyone goes home.

2020 talks to Dr. Steven Novella, of Yale School of Medicine about the characteristics of scammers, of course implying that MMS is a scam. I wonder, has the good doc ever bothered to note that there are patented products on the market containing the key ingredients of MMS? Don’t believe me? Do your own real research in the medical literature. The FDA approves of the use of chlorine dioxide (that’s MMS) to preserve vegetables, to spray on meat (which can absorb chlorine dioxide), to purify public water works, and a thousand other uses. All these uses are at concentrations drastically weaker than what could be called a bleach.

Dealing with the news media is not always easy, especially when confronted unexpectedly with cameras, lights and a reporter asking accusatory questions. With that said, I do not approve of calling people, even reporters like Brian Ross, names. Name calling and giving into anger does not accomplish anything. It is my wish to see a productive dialog that brings value to all—not a useless fight. This may be naive on my part, but that is what I would like to see.

The program shows an MMS video testimonial from about 8 years ago where a Dr. John E. Humiston, M.D. made positive comments about MMS. If my memory serves me, he was located in Mexico at the time—a place that enjoys some medical freedom for doctors to actually be doctors. Today, his offices are in San Diego. When asked by 2020 if he now regrets having endorsed MMS, he must of course say yes. Is anyone surprised? No US based doctor will ever endorse something that is not an approved drug if they don’t want to attract the legal arm of the FDA.

2020 then buys some MMS and has it tested at a lab to see what it is made of. Dr. Paul Wong of Autism Speaks says that nobody should ever use MMS because it is an “industrial bleach” and that it is “scary dangerous stuff.” Sure, it would be very dumb for anyone to use it undiluted. It must be properly diluted.

But, what is the audience shown? UNDILUTED MMS poured on jeans and then we are shown how this creates a big white stain. This is a ridiculous mind trick played on those who don’t know how to properly use MMS. Yes, it is true that highly concentrated MMS (chlorine dioxide) will bleach clothes. No question about it. So what? MMS isn’t used that way! It is completely misleading to use a large amount of undiluted solution and then say THAT is what will happen in your body. There are at least 50 US patents that have been issued concerning the use of chlorine dioxide, and that includes the treating of HIV/AIDS, cleaning human blood of pathogens and poisons, and numerous other medical uses.

Common MMS applications involve 1 to 3 activated drops diluted in 4 fl. oz of water. If you use only one drop, then it would be diluted 2,400 times. That is thousands of times less strength than bleach. And as far as Clorox bleach is concerned there is no connection whatsoever. We NEVER use Clorox bleach. We never have nor do we use the ingredients in Clorox bleach. It is a way of lying to make us look bad. The fact is, Clorox is often used in dilute form to sterilize water in various water works, but it forms cancer-causing solutions in the water. Chlorine dioxide–which we use—is not poisonous at low concentrations and does NOT transform into cancer-causing agents.

Many things are dangerous if used improperly. That includes, water (which can cause drowning), cars (that can create serious accidents), AC outlets (that can kill you through electrocution), fire (that can burn down the house or a whole forest), etc. As we grow up, we learn how to safely use dangerous things properly, while benefiting from them.

There are also common household liquids or items that will permanently change the color of clothes if spilled on them—such as wine, pure lemon juice, food color, beet juice, and clothes left in the sun. Does that mean they should not be used because they can stain clothes? Well, I’m not a fan of cancer causing food color, but it is FDA approved (why?).

Don’t let any show put a collar on your mind and walk you around like a dog. Think!

By the way: I don’t recommend anyone use Clorox bleach or aspirin since neither are good for you. It is well known that hundreds of people die yearly from using aspirin. Clorox bleach is carcinogenic and OK for use on clothes, but one should never purify drinking water with it. It is NOT the same chemical as MMS!

ABC continues on about the use of MMS on autistic children and how autism cannot be treated. Why have they not bothered to talk with the many parents who have had success with it by following Kerri Rivera’s CD Autism protocol? They totally ignore the HUNDREDS of testimonials from parents who have successfully helped their children recover after the doctors have been of no help. Watch the many autism videos online and read the 600 page book with testimonials straight from the parents yourself (free no-strings download): Download ebook.

ABC interviews the parent of an autistic child who never even used the protocol. The guy admits to having read some bad reviews online. Did he ever bother to read the other side?

Brian Ross says that MMS had something to do with the death of a woman (in 2009) in the Vanatu Islands, several hundred miles east of Australia. While I am personally deeply sorry for the death of this woman, her death cannot be blamed on MMS. When the autopsy was released, which was one year after the death, (all the while the FDA was blaming MMS), it declared that the death was not caused by MMS which ABC lightly touched upon, while the husband wants to blame MMS—that doesn’t make him right. Every year as many as 15,000 adults and children die after taking aspirin or Ibuprofen. The FDA and the ABC reporters searched the world trying to find damage that MMS had actually done. They could not find anything except this one death and a bereaved husband blaming MMS with no proof! The FDA had to quit claiming this death was caused by MMS.

After the commercial break, the program continues by showing an excerpt of a video I shot in the basement of a friend’s house about 5 years ago. The back story you will never hear from ABC is as follows: Earlier in my life I joined the Church of Scientology. They presented an interesting narrative at the time and I explored it as many others have. I left Scientology about 35 years ago and have had no further involvement. I, however, have had what I consider memories of past lives from early childhood. I acknowledge that this is MY belief and that it might all be fiction and in my head. My past life memories unfolded an extensive story about the Earth and its inhabitants. The concept of past lives and reincarnation is not new or exclusive to me. More than half of the people on Earth believe in past lives. I just took it a bit further than most by giving some talks on the subject.

People have often asked me to tell my Story of Earth at MMS seminars. If time permits, I share my story. But, before I get into it, I preface it by saying: “This is MY story and that you don’t have to believe it. It may be all fiction. Do with it as you wish.” I made this video because people asked me to. I later removed the video from YouTube because I realized it could be used by media against me. Well, I guess the video was downloaded by ABC and here it is, on 20/20, clearly being used to make me look bad without giving the whole story. As Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

This brings me to the church I co-founded and the white outfit you see in the video. If you are from the US, then you should know about the principles the US was founded upon, which heavily depend on the separation of church and state as well as freedom of religion. People in the US are supposedly free to believe in whatever religion they so desire. At the same time, we do not have the freedom of choice when it comes to our health or the health of our children. There are countless examples where people have had medical procedures forced upon them against their will. Vaccines are a perfect example, with plenty of situations where people got very sick, permanently disabled, or even die as a result. This is plain wrong. As a result, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing was born. It serves as a legal structure under which its member’s beliefs should be respected, including the right to not be injected with substances of dubious nature; as well as the right to ingest things thought beneficial to their health. Members share their experiences and help improve protocols from actual experience. NOBODY IS FORCED TO TAKE OR DO ANYTHING! Our church does not ask anyone to change their beliefs in whatever God they already follow, if any. We focus on the belief that we have the right to take control of our own health. No cult here. No complex ceremonies. Just a white suit and hat to make a point. Consider what the Pope wears during ceremonies…and 20/20 smears me for wearing a simple white hat?

The program then turns to me and my encounter with Brian Ross. Most of our discussion was cut. Brian asks me about MMS curing breast cancer and I confirm it does, but then he demands proof and immediately says I don’t have any. Remember, I was stopped on the street. I’m supposed to be ready with proof in hand? It’s very simple: The proof is in the thousands of testimonials you can find online, both in video and written form. Some say this is not proof and not scientifically meaningful because there is no double-blind test. Hmmm…ask Lindsay Wagner if she needs more proof? Ask those who are alive today who have healed from stage four cancer and were told they would die soon. WE HAVE NEVER PAID ANYONE FOR A TESTIMONIAL unlike many products you see online. Large numbers of human experiences ARE statistically significant even if ABC doesn’t report on them.

The encounter ends with Brian Ross asking me if I’m just a con man. What should I say to a leading question like that? My answer is: I have been around the world and visited many countries in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and countries in Central and South America, and I have helped thousands of people and very rarely have received any monetary compensation. What can you say I am conning people out of? I don’t sell MMS, others do.

They show an email with a subject line of “THE SIX MI LLION DOLLAR MEN.” Daniel Smith was NOT convicted of selling MMS. I know this is hard to believe. But the fact is Daniel Smith was convicted of smuggling sodium chlorite from Canada. His shipping company simply checked the shipping papers in the wrong square and the prosecutors made a big deal out of it. This again is hard to believe, but in court Daniel was not allowed to present his side of the case. It is a long story, but this is simply the basics. The facts are there for anyone to research:


The Stand By Daniel website is a blog of updates on Daniel, sent out by his father Larry.

Another example of the media distorting truth and the average person assumes the report is correct. In the end, the audience is asked to decide if we are evil and just pretending to have a cure? In my humble opinion, it is evil to put on a program that does not give a fair voice to the many thousands of individuals who have shared their positive experiences with MMS.

I can only give my appreciation again to Lindsay Wagner for sharing her successful use of MMS and also her mentioning the positive experience her friend had in treating their child with autism. Many have shared their experience with MMS on video and we have an archive of MMS video testimonials at http://youtube.com/mmstestimonials

As far as MMS and autism goes, according to CD Autism, as of October 2016 ‘A total of 235 children have so far been recovered (ATEC score of 10 or below) using the CD Autism protocol.’ This protocol is outlined in the Healing The Symtoms Known as Autism book. Download ebook.

2020 is doing a disservice to their audience while they clearly have the ability to help their audience. Talk about evil, it is evil to fight against something that has and can help thousands to recover their health. Because of ABC News many will go away and not have the benefit of MMS. They will continue to suffer and many will die because of not using MMS when it is something cheap and easy to use.

There is much more that can be said, but that’s enough for now.

Jim Humble

MMS Protocols—Humble Style

Dear Friends,

Over the months, I have received a number of letters asking about the MMS Protocols. A common question I get is, “I don’t see the protocol for my particular illness in your book.” So, I want to reiterate here a very important point to keep in mind.

As I have stated in my latest book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, it was impossible to list all of the conditions, diseases and illnesses that exist in the world today and that we have received feedback on that MMS has helped. Please understand this—MMS is an oxidizer, it kills pathogens and destroys (oxidizes) poisons in the body. When the pathogens and poisons in the body are reduced or eliminated, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. I often say, “The body heals the body”. MMS helps to line things up so the body can do just that. So whatever the problem, there is a great chance that if MMS is used properly it will help one recover their health (emphasis here on “used properly”).

In the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook I thoroughly outline my Health Recovery Plan. This plan IS for whatever ails you. In other words, it is the protocol for Lyme, or Parkinson’s, or cancer, or fibromyalgia, herpes, Alzheimer’s, hepatitis A, B and C, liver disease etc. etc. etc. you name it, the list goes on.

I often call the Health Recovery Plan the Master MMS Protocol, because it will guide you to know how to use the various protocols in my book in conjunction with each other to meet your distinct needs. As you read and study how the Health Recovery Plan works, it will become clear. The Health Recovery Plan will show you how to adjust the various protocols to fit your specific needs. In a sense, you could say as you follow the plan and listen to your body, you will see how to “personalize” the MMS protocols—how to adjust the protocols to fit your individual needs, and thus recover from your particular illness.

So whatever your ailment is, follow the Health Recovery Plan. Remember, a very important part of the Health Recovery Plan is paying close attention to the Three Golden Rules of MMS. If you so choose to take responsibility for your own health and you choose to use MMS, your main key to recovery is:

  • Follow the Health Recovery Plan.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Pay close attention to the Three Golden Rules of MMS.

Follow the plan and you’ll have a great chance of recovering your health. Remember, after you have eradicated the problem, take a close look at what lifestyle changes you may need to make in order to stay on the upswing (i.e. diet, exercise, proper rest, always do the right thing, to name a few) and to gain your strength, build up a strong immune system, and live a vibrantly healthy life.

If you don’t already have the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook you can get it here: jhbooks.org

I wish you all the best of health.

As always, good fortune to you along the way,

Jim Humble

A New Year’s Gift for You



I want to share with you a health practice that might very well save your life. I’d say that it has saved my life more than once. I hope you will consider it. I am offering a mini course in how to do it (below) and it’s free—my New Year’s gift to you.

I’m 87 years old and have practiced this for many years, and I can say that I believe this practice could do the same for you that it has for me, that is, save your life, or save you from harm, sometime in the future. Let me explain:

When I was a young fellow, 17 years old, the USMC, (that’s the US Marine Corps) had an “early in” program where young guys could join the reserves and train on weekends and holidays. So I joined and started training on weekends, and guess what? The Korean War broke out and all of us young guys were called to active duty. In no time I was off to boot camp and then to advanced training at Camp Pendleton, in California.

That is where I learned something that has since saved my life more than once, and it is something that most everyone seems to have forgotten. I trained in a group where we learned to crawl through the jungle and grass and trees silently. We learned how to shoot the M1 rifle, M1 carbine (smaller rifle), machine guns, throwing grenades and dozens of other things. But the important thing I learned was about parachuting. You see, back then paratroopers used the old type of parachutes. They came down fast, and depended on drag to slow a descent not like many present day parachutes. If a person was not strong enough, he could break a leg when he hit the ground or any number of other bones. The Marine Corps and the Army could not afford to have troupes in battle with broken bones. So the Marines and soldiers who were paratroopers practiced jumping every day. They jumped lower heights at first and then higher and higher until they were jumping from the top of a six foot platform. Once in a while someone broke a leg because their bones simply didn’t take it.

Well I watched the paratroopers train, and although I wasn’t in that group, I kept in mind that people could actually jump from about six feet and not get hurt. When I left the Marine Corps I began my own training so far as jumping was concerned. I never jumped six feet but I did jump from a height of 20 inches four times every day. That’s all, just four jumps a day for 70 years. This doesn’t take much time, just a couple of minutes. (Important: Please do not try jumping from a 20 inch height without reading and following the instructions given below.)

In addition to jumping, which provided a measure of strength training for me, especially for my bones, I often walked in the mountains and in the desert. Because I wasn’t worried about falling, I often fell short distances like down a small cliff or down some steps or a couple of falls on my motorcycle. In seventy years I averaged a significant fall at least once every two years. Then one time I fell off of a roof 12 foot high straight down and landed directly on my head. That one got me and sad to say it broke my neck, but it healed up without a problem. That is when I discovered how to use magnets for healing, but that is another story for another time.

Then when I was 80 years old I fell from the very top of a six foot ladder landing on my shoulder on a hard cement surface and that was a bad fall. But as a result, I had a pain in my shoulder for only three days and that was the extent of it—nothing was broken. I attribute living through all these falls to the fact that I jump from a 20 inch height four times every day, landing on cement or a hard surface and that keeps my bones and my joints strong. My health is good.

The point in all of this is, your body needs the daily jump to keep your bones in good condition. This daily jolt is something that few, if any, present exercise programs promote. The small trampolines are very good for what they do and they provide good exercise and do help the bones to some extent, and they especially help the cells of your body, but they offer no hard jolt for the body. The human body needs a certain amount of jolt on a hard surface like concrete to strengthen the bones and joints. The Marine Corps proved this to me. The bones and joints are strengthened and become up to ten times stronger than when no jumping is used.

Important: Now that you know about the four jumps a day at 20 inches, absolutely do not go out and begin jumping from a 20 inch height. Work up to the 20 inch jumps over six months to one year. There is no rush, unless you are training for combat. Your body will adjust to what you are doing, but give it time. The older you are the more time you should take working up to the 20 inch jumps. Take my word for it, 20 inch jumps may be scary in the beginning. You have to work up to this height—and for some, maybe this is too high and you can stay at a bit lower height. Listen to your body.

Again, I am 87 years old and I do the 20 inch jumps every day, but I have been doing the jumps for years. If you are my age you should take at least a year to slowly work up to 20 inch jumps at four jumps a day. Taking longer than a year would be good especially if you are in poor health or overweight. To work up to it a little faster you could do 10 jumps a day, but I would not suggest any more than 10 jumps a day even for young guys or young women.


  1. If you are not in good shape begin jumping from a 1 inch height. This is a little jump but you need to start low if you are overweight and/or if you have a debilitating health condition. You can step down 1 inch easily, but that is not what you want. You want to jump with both feet and land flat footed. Jump down 1 inch four times a day. Do these four jumps in succession, in other words, one right after the other. This shouldn’t take more than a minute, but if you need a little rest between jumps, do not allow more than 1 minute between each jump. To jump just 1 inch you might have to rig something up to make this height, for example, find a board that is 1 inch thick to jump off of—be creative. If you are a bit athletic already and not overweight, you might be able to start right in with the next step. It goes without saying, for all of these exercises one should always wear the proper footwear with the proper support when jumping.
  2. Then after two weeks to a month, go to 2 inch jumps the same way, four times a day and one minute between each jump. Then 3 inch jumps and then to the 4 inch jumps with at least two weeks between each new progression to the next jumping level. So you are going to take at least two weeks between each increase in the inches you are jumping, but you can take longer if you feel you need to. Listen to your body; go at your own pace. You can decide how you feel and whether or not you should increase your jumping height—or stay lower for a time longer. The goal is to gradually increase until you reach 8 inch jumps as mentioned below, but again, do this at your own pace and according to what you feel your body can take.
  3. After you have built up your stamina a bit for jumping, as suggested above. Try jumping from an 8 inch height. I suggest jumping from the first step on most standard stairs. Stairs are various heights, but roughly about 8 inches, the goal here is to jump from an approximate 8 inch height. I suggest using the bottom step on some stairs, as stairs are relatively common. But the idea is to find this height, look around and see what is available to you. Be sure to look for something that is safe to jump from, something sturdy and secure. If you are just starting out or even as a routine you might want to look for something with a railing you can hold on to, or be prepared to grab on to, if needed. Think safety while doing this. Don’t be in a rush. In fact, if jumping off of the single step tends to make you feel unsure or even scares you, definitely do it where you can hold on to a railing or wall. Don’t take chances, however remember, this particular exercise can be your most important exercise.
    So move on to an 8 inch jump, whether it’s the bottom step of stairs or something else, and only move on to this height if you are in the right shape to do so, if you have worked up to it properly and so on. Jump from this height four times a day in succession, but with no more than one minute between each jump. Keep it up at this height for at least a month. Note, that the duration time that you stick to each height for jumping can only be determined by you. Follow what your body is indicating is right for you.
  4. Next, when you feel ready, increase the height of your jump to 12 inches. Again, look around you and see what is available that is about this height—about a 4 inch increase from the last height. It could be a high step, or high curb of some sort, see what is around you, but again, make sure it’ safe to jump from, or has an alternative to hold on to something while jumping if needed. Continue at this height—about 12 inches, or one foot, for another month. Do not attempt this step if you are a great deal overweight, or have a health condition that deems you not fit enough to jump from this height. Keep doing step two above, staying at a lower height, until your weight adjusts closer to the correct weight for your height, or until you have recovered from your health condition and are strong enough to do this type of a jump.
  5. Next, try jumping from a 16 inch height for a month. This could be jumping from the second step on a stairway, if it’s safe, or some other thing you have around your home or in the yard that is about this height. Remember, at least four jumps a day in succession, and if you have to pause in-between jumps, keep it to less than one minute between each jump. After a month or so at this height, proceed to the next step.
  6. The next height is 20 inches—find something sturdy to jump from that is this height. It could be something in your yard, or around the neighborhood, such as a particularly high curb of some sort, or a very sturdy bench that is fixed in place. Some have jumped from chairs, but this can be a bit risky if the chair is not very sturdy and in a position where it cannot tip over, or move around. Look around and see what suits you, but be sure it’s secure and safe to jump from. Stick to this height for the rest of your life. This may sound easy, but when you get to this height you may feel a bit unsure. The jumps may even scare you long before you get to 20 inch jumps. This is why I encourage you to please take precautions, find safe and sturdy things to jump from, have an option to grab on to a railing or something if needed,

Important Points:

  • Always be sure to wear proper footwear with the proper support if you are jumping.
  • Having said all of this, remember, the steps above are guidelines. Some people may feel they cannot ever make it to jump from a height of 20 inches, or there may be a reason they cannot attain this height—they have some impairment, etc. The point is find what works for you. At the same time, try to attain what you really need in order to build your stamina and strengthen your bones. Don’t be too soft on yourself. Get the right balance—find what your body needs.
  • If you have not experienced any jolts like you get in jumping for a few years, (especially the older you are) I suggest that for a week or two you simply jump up and down lightly while standing in place. You might even start by keeping the ball of your foot on the ground and lifting your heels up and down a few times. The latter is not exactly a jump, but it is a start. Give your body a little time to start adjusting to a jolt. You don’t have to spend hours or even minutes at it. Thirty to sixty seconds a day should do it. Then, after a couple of weeks, begin the small jumps of 1 inch and work up your jumping height as explained above.
  • When you come down in the jump, come down flat footed. Do not come down on your toes, as that takes most of the shock out of the jump. After just stepping off of a curb or a step and landing on two feet instead of one foot, begin jumping off of the step. Don’t make it a big deal just a tiny jump at first. Then a little bigger jump. Again, landing flat footed.
  • Always adjust your jumping accordingly. Find something safe to jump from. Two steps may be the same height as a chair, thus no need to graduate to the chair or bench. The idea is to start low and gradually build up to a comfortable height, when you feel you are ready for it—stay safe.
  • In the guidelines above I suggest trying to work up to jumping from a 20 inch height. This is however, flexible, do what you are led to do. Do not be too soft on yourself, neither push yourself too hard. It’s a matter of balance! Do not take chances, build up slowly and find what feels right for you.
  • Only attempt jumping the higher heights when you have trained for six months or even longer, or you are completely comfortable with it. Do the jumps four times a day. Your body will adjust to it. It will strengthen you in areas that just walking or jumping on a mini trampoline will not do. This is not to say don’t use the mini trampoline, thousands get great benefit from it—the jumping technique I have described above is for a different purpose.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of jumping. Over the years I have noticed people who experience jolts and I always observe them as much tougher than those who avoid physical jolts to their bodies. Not big jolts, but after training six months, at least the jolt of jumping off a couple of steps or a sturdy bench or curb or chair. I have watched for years. People avoid jolts like the plague. I see that even very small jolts are painful for many people, but they should not be painful. If you will work up to it slowly it will not be painful and you will be much stronger for it. Just don’t overdo it–work up to it. Take six months or a year to get to jumping 12, 16 or 20 inches or what you determine your body can take.

With these jumping suggestions, I am not guaranteeing you anything. It is my personal belief it has a good chance of helping you, as it has been my personal experience that jumping has helped to strengthen my bones. Though I have suggested these heights and I believe overall they are good for most people, the suggestions above and the heights to reach for are a personal matter, and bio-individual. Some may feel more comfortable at different heights. So go at your own pace and determine the height you feel comfortable with—but do work at it to reach the right height to do your body some good.

To do these jumps is a personal decision and something you do at your own risk. You are responsible to go about this in a safe manner, and you must feel comfortable that the jump is okay for you. I do it and others have done it. I found it okay for me and others have too. Once more–take your time and go slow and work up to a steady pace and comfortable height. If you so desire and feel the need, or have a specific health condition, please do check with a doctor before you begin.

In closing, if you are highly unhealthy or sick for any reason realize that MMS overcomes most diseases and health problems. More than a million people have been helped in over 150 countries of the world. My latest book, the “MMS Health Recovery Guidebook” tells how to use MMS to regain your health from the diseases of mankind using MMS. To date, millions of people have recovered their health with MMS.

The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, which includes my Health Recovery Plan, can be found here: jhbooks.org

I hope this is a help to you and that you enjoy good quality health when you are 105 years old.

Wishing you all the best for 2020,

Jim Humble

Merry Christmas 2019

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. At this time of the year many are focusing on connecting with family and friends, parties and having a good time. But there are those who are lonely and heavy hearted for one reason or another, or sick and in pain, and in some parts of the world there are those who may not even know it’s Christmas—just like the song says, “Do They Know it’s Christmas”.

The other day I heard someone say that Christmas is every day of the year—meaning we should do good deeds all year long.

Well, this got me to thinking about the beliefs I originally built the Genesis II Church on and that I still try to live by:

  • Doing good deeds
  • Good health for all mankind
  • Doing what is right
  • Freedom for all mankind
  • Enlightening others with the truth
  • Helping one another
  • Living with integrity

If you can spare a minute or two, take time to think about these. Not only are these right actions to live by, doing so will improve your health, along with taking MMS—so keep spreading the word. Thank you for joining me in our common goal and desire to help mankind.

Here’s to your good health, peace and prosperity,

Jim Humble

Key Factors to Health Recovery

Dear Friends,

Hundreds of thousands of people in more than 150 countries have benefitted from MMS (Master Mineral Solution). Thousands of cancer cases of all kinds have been overcome and the same is true of many other diseases as well. I receive many emails on a weekly basis with questions of one kind or another regarding MMS. In this newsletter, I want to share with you two very important points that are fundamental to recovering health with MMS. These are:

  1. The importance of hourly dosing
  2. Following the Three Golden Rules of MMS

Paying close attention to these two factors is the answer to many of your questions.

After my initial discovery back in 1996 that MMS could restore health to victims of malaria, I continued to work on developing the formula. I found if used in the right amount and by following certain protocols, it could eradicate many other illnesses as well. In those first years most people took rather large doses of MMS about twice a day and this would sometimes result in a Herxheimer reaction. (Note: A Herxheimer reaction is a short-term detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, or if one detoxifies too quickly, it can cause things such as headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting or other symptoms. Though this can be unpleasant it is usually a sign healing is taking place.)

Then, while on a visit to Africa and being faced with hundreds of HIV/AIDs victims, it came to me that Adelle Davis achieved amazing results with Vitamin C by having a sick person take it every hour. So I tried that with MMS, that is, going to smaller but hourly doses throughout the day, instead of one or two larger doses a day. MMS only lasts about one hour in the human body, so the hourly dosing keeps MMS running through the body for a longer time.

No two people are exactly the same—that is, the needs of each body and the way one’s body reacts to various things. Some people need larger amounts of MMS to get well, and others can only tolerate (and get well on) very small amounts of MMS. But whether someone needs a larger (according to the guidelines) or smaller amount of MMS in order to overcome disease, the MMS needs to be in their body longer than one hour. Once the hourly doses were discovered then diseases began to be overcome at a much higher recovery rate. Likewise people were recovering from many different illnesses, even from what is considered “incurable” diseases. The smaller but hourly doses also helped to eliminate the person getting sick (experiencing a Herxheimer reaction). So this is important—if you want to recover from a specific illness, hourly dosing is key! (See details on amounts and hourly dosing in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, available at: jhbooks.org)

After discovering the importance of hourly dosing, there were still some failures with people using MMS. In search of why this was and in working with people all around the world for over 20 years, I established the Three Golden Rules of MMS. I cannot stress the importance of these guidelines if you want to get well.

Golden Rule Number One:

If taking MMS and you are getting better/showing some signs of improvement, don’t change anything. Continue to do what you are doing. This should be obvious, but that isn’t what always happens. People will often say, “Well, I’m getting better, this is helping, so I had better take more, or take it more often.” No, never do that. If you are getting better, showing improvement, don’t change anything—keep doing what you are doing, keep at it, step by step until you are well.

Golden Rule Number Two:

If you are feeling worse, reduce your MMS intake by 50%. The problem here is quite often when a person feels worse when taking any kind of remedy; they may want to take more, that is, up their dose. Or on the other side of the coin, they may want to quit taking it all together. With MMS either case is a mistake. If one is feeling worse when taking MMS, always reduce the intake by 50%. If after reducing the dosage and one still feels worse, reduce the intake by another 50%. If feeling bad, keep reducing the dosage until you find the right amount that will not make you sick. Reduce but do not quit.

Golden Rule Number Three:

If one is not getting better, or not getting worse. If there are no signs of improvement, do the next increase according to the instructions, increase your intake, or go to the next protocol in the Health Recovery Plan. In other words go to the next step, whatever it might be.

These two points go hand in hand—the importance of hourly doses throughout the day (the basic protocols call for eight hours a day and for more serious illness 10 hours a day), and paying close attention to the Three Golden Rules of MMS.

All the particulars of these points are explained clearly and concisely in my latest book the “MMS Health Recovery Guidebook,” if you or a loved one is in need of health recovery and you want to take responsibility for your own health, I encourage you to study and follow the Health Recovery Plan in this book. The book contains suggestions and tips on how to fit in hourly dosing, even for the mega-busy person.

To your vibrant health,

Jim Humble

When the great scorer comes,
To score against your name,
It will matter not whether you won or lost,
But rather how you played the game.

First Line of Defense

What does MMS actually do to help you recover your health? This may come as a surprise to some, but the only thing that MMS does for you is kill disease germs of all kinds and neutralize poisons—nothing else. Technically, MMS in itself doesn’t “bring back your health”, it does not make you any stronger or healthier. It simply kills disease germs and destroys (oxidizes) poisons. From that point on MMS can do nothing. But the good news is, that’s enough, because once the disease and poisons are gone what the body can do from there is amazing. Once MMS does its thing, the body can heal.

This is important and something that you must be fully aware of, and that is MMS kills diseases of all kinds through the process of oxidation. Both MMS1 and MMS2 are oxidizers that destroy poisons and disease pathogens in the human body, and then the body is able to heal itself. MMS does not cure or even supply nutrients for healing. It is up to your body to restore health once the disease is gone. And the body does do that, but you also need to give your body proper nutrition for good health. MMS is a great first step, but then I highly suggest you take time out to examine things such as your diet and lifestyle. Are you eating right and getting proper nutrition, exercising right, resting and de-stressing enough? Are you living right?

Suffice it to say, if I were sick, MMS would be the first step I’d take on the road to recover health. MMS is the first line of defense! It packs a wallop to disease pathogens and poisons and it sets the stage so you can get your health back, and/or stay healthy.

Time and again over the past 22 years, in more than 90% of cases, when MMS has been used correctly (note: emphasis here on “used correctly”) the human body recovers from the diseases of mankind.

Now I want to emphasize some important points:

  • As I just mentioned, MMS needs to be used correctly. I receive letters from people all around the world on a daily basis asking a wide range of questions regarding MMS—can it do this, that, and the other. The answer to nearly every single question I receive is in my book the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. So if you want to know how to use MMS correctly, please check out the book. If you do not have the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, you can get it here: jhbooks.org
  • I have said it time and again, but I’ll say it once more, considering the condition of our world just about everyone could afford to focus some attention on their own health. Today, everyone needs some kind of protection from the many poisons and toxins that are all around us and other various attacks against our health. This is why I say, MMS is an excellent first line of defense to get healthy if you already have a particular health condition. And once you are healthy to help you to stay healthy and maintain good health I suggest a single dose of MMS daily (MMS Maintenance Dose) in order to help you detoxify on a daily basis, and to keep you well overall.

For more thorough details and tips on how to do all of the above, read the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, available here: jhbooks.org

To your vibrant health, happiness and good fortune along the way,

Jim Humble

2019—A Fresh Start

First off, let me begin this newsletter with a heartfelt very Happy New Year to each and every one of you! We wish you love, happiness, peace, prosperity and good health in the year to come.

As we enter the New Year, let me give you some food for thought: Considering the state of our world, I figure just about everyone could afford to start the year off by giving some attention to their personal health. Let’s face it, we are surrounded by toxins in one form or another—there is no escaping it, so taking a few steps towards minimizing your toxic load can go a long ways in helping YOU have better health.

Some of you may need to focus on a poor condition of health you already are experiencing, others of you could probably benefit from doing an overall cleanse to rid your body of toxins acquired over the holiday season, the past year or even longer.

Some may be just starting on the downward road to bad health, while others may have been there a while and are just barely maintaining or grappling to find a solution to better health. Unfortunately, in today’s world, people don’t stay healthy unless they focus at least some of their attention on maintaining good health practices.

Over a hundred years ago the food and water supply was different than it is today. It is sufficient to say that today, the quality of our food is more often than not what it should NOT be—I would say the situation has become drastic. It takes time and a little bit of study to really know the best route to take concerning the food you want to consume for yourself and your family. For many, eating good, clean, organic, toxin free food is not always easy. but it is possible with a bit of effort.

Thankfully, MMS can help the body stay cleansed from unwanted toxins. MMS technology is based on the idea of regaining your health when you have unfortunately lost it AND it can certainly be used for prevention of health problems. The sooner you start on a health recovery program with MMS, the better it will work. In my opinion, at this time in history, MMS has a greater chance of helping one overcome any of the various diseases known to man than any other method. I say this because hundreds of thousands have recovered their health from more than 98% of the diseases of mankind using MMS. The proof exists in the hundreds of thousands of people who have already used MMS and regained their health.

Whether you are sick or simply not as healthy as you would like to be, it’s always a good time to try MMS. This is the cheapest, fastest way to improve health and get well. The best way to find out if this is so, is to simply give it a try. It is both cheaper and safer than pharmaceuticals. (Nearly a million people a year die after taking pharmaceutical drugs—while there have been no confirmed reported deaths as a result of taking the proper formula of chlorine dioxide [MMS]).

So if you need to recover your health from any one of many health conditions prevalent in the world today, or if you want to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins before you develop a “health condition”—why not consider starting the year off with a basic MMS cleanse. A good basic cleanse for any time of the year when you feel the need to simply “clean out” or “get clear” or have more energy and so on, would be to do two simple protocols called the Starting Procedure, followed by Protocol 1000. This is a basic 25 day program. (See the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for full details.)

There are many ways you can use MMS in your fight against poor health. After doing a basic MMS cleanse, I would also suggest keeping up with a daily maintenance dose of MMS. This entails just taking one dose of MMS per day. Remember, in today’s world, one needs some kind of protection from the many poisons and toxins that exist in our society and other various attacks on our health.

It is important to remember what I often remind people, and that is that MMS does not cure. MMS kills disease pathogens of all kinds through oxidation. When the pathogens and poisons in the body are reduced or eliminated, then the body can function properly and heal. The first step to good health is get rid of the toxins—get the bad stuff out, then focus on adding in the good things, good nutrition, proper rest and exercise, stress reduction, etc.

So start 2019 out on the right foot—clean out with MMS. All the details on how to use MMS and answers to your questions can be found in my book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, which can be purchased here: jhbooks.org

For a sneak preview of what the book includes click here to see the Table of Contents:

Again, we wish you all a very Happy New Year. Good fortune to everyone along the way.

To your good health and happiness,

Jim Humble

MMS Tabs and Easy MMS

I think probably most of you know that I am the guy that brought MMS (sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide) to the attention of the public, with the help of others, of course. I started 22 years ago and now it has spread around the world. I mention this for those of you who may have missed this, because I would like to clear up some confusion which some of you have written me about.

There are products on the market today called “MMS tabs” and “Easy MMS”—the website is: mmstabs.com

To set the record straight, this is not my website, I am not affiliated with them, and I am not at all involved with MMS Tabs or Easy MMS in any way. Some years ago the founder of this company/website did confer with me as he worked on a formula for MMS tablets. He sought out my counsel and conferred with me and we went back and forth on it as he developed the first tablets. I met with him personally and tested the tabs at the time, they seemed a good thing, and I gave my agreement to use my name and picture on his MMS products. At that time I had hopes we could work together. As the tabs went into circulation, some problems cropped up which needed correcting, and there were changes made.

But over time, in fact, in a relatively short period of time, as the company continued to grow, expand and make changes, they no longer counseled with me, nor sought out, or waited for my input or approval on their products. In short, I was not consulted or involved at all and so I was compelled to ask that my name and picture be taken off all their products. I simply could not take responsibility for something I had nothing to do with. Though this company has overall removed my name and picture, it still appears on some of their products against my wishes. They have used my name in their advertising and on the emails that people receive, giving the impression their products are from me—at least that is what people think, because I receive plenty of email asking if this is from me and if I approve of these products. Therefore, I want to confirm that I am not involved with mmstabs.com, or with their products in any way. I cannot vouch for them as they are not my products—they do not come from Jim Humble.

I cannot personally endorse nor can I take responsibility for these products because:

  • The MMS tabs and Easy MMS are not according to my MMS formula.
  • I am not involved with the production of these products, nor do I know firsthand the manufacturing practices of the company and so on.

Because of these two points, I cannot recommend or not recommend these products. I simply do not know, nor do I have enough experience or personal feedback on it. If anyone has testimonials pro or con regarding these products, I am interested to hear about it.

I have received some complaints about the MMS tabs (which may or may not be legitimate or due to the person not following the directions properly). I also understand some people have been helped by the MMS tabs, and if that is the case, I am happy for those who have. If you have been helped and you can afford it, that’s great. I have also received feedback from many who have reached a plateau with the tabs, they got better to some degree, but then came to a stalemate until they went back to the original MMS formula and protocols.

It is important to note that there are many variables to consider when trying to recover health. Some people get well on very little or weaker MMS, others need more. Many factors regarding what is going on in each “body” enters in to the equation. We are all bio-individual, (everyone is different), so it is not always a black or white situation. What the true statistics are or what the success rate is with the MMS tablets, I have no idea. If the tabs help you, keep at it, if not, get some MMS1.

What I can vouch for is the thousands and thousands of emails, phone calls and face to face feedback I have received regarding MMS and MMS1 and the thousands and thousands who have recovered their health and solved a myriad of health issues with it.

So again to confirm, the formula of MMS Tabs and Easy MMS is not mine, and I am not involved with this company.

I don’t sell MMS at all. I could have. But in the beginning I found that people were much more confident that MMS worked when they knew I wasn’t selling it. In other words, most of them wanted to know that I wasn’t getting rich from selling MMS. I didn’t patent it though again, I could have, but I didn’t because I believe such an important thing belongs to mankind and that no one should have a patent on it. (My books give the complete formula and one of them gives the details on making it.)

I do however sell my books which include protocols and information that I, with the help of others, have developed over 20 years. It took 3-1/2 years to write my most recent book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. I finally realized that for best results and in some cases for any results at all, you not only need MMS, but you need the proper protocols or it doesn’t work.

My Guidebook represents 20 years of using MMS on a daily basis with results reported back to me from around the world. That means hundreds of thousands of lives saved over that time and really good protocols finally developed as a result. It wasn’t as easy as you might suspect, as MMS only lasts in the body for about one hour, and that isn’t long enough to begin reducing the pathogens of various diseases. Thus, the proper protocols must be followed to overcome and start reducing the number of pathogens and the poisons they produce in the body.

The MMS Health Recovery Guidebook outlines an extremely important Health Recovery Plan (HRP). This plan is important as it helps one know how to adjust and personalize the protocols to meet their own particular health needs.

The Health Recovery Plan includes five major Key Protocols as well as many other important protocols for different health problems. This includes a number of emergency protocols, such as for heart attacks, strokes, food poisoning—to poisonous bites such as spiders, scorpions, snakes, and a protocol for one who has less than 2 weeks to live that has actually worked for some. There are protocols for children from birth to teenage, as well as protocols for animals.

With MMS and the proper protocols 95% of the diseases of mankind are overcome. So, let me say this. If you want good results every time, for serious or what is considered an incurable disease, please use the “MMS Health Recovery Guidebook” and purchase MMS bought from a legitimate supplier. In my personal opinion, you will get better results from MMS1 (that’s MMS with a food acid added). If you have problems with the taste there are a number of ways of overcoming the taste given in my Guidebook.

Everyone should have this book for health recovery, for prevention, for longevity, and for emergencies. Once you are well, then follow a good health maintenance program of your choice and one that suits you. And please realize that, normally, if you have been sick you are probably going to need to make some changes and adopt a better health maintenance program for the long term, along with taking the MMS daily maintenance dose in order to survive the near constant bombardment of toxins we are exposed to in the world today.

You can purchase the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook here: jhbooks.org

To better health and good fortune to you along the way,

Jim Humble

Happy New Year…

Many thanks to all of you who wrote in with your comments regarding the “Little Bird”. We were amazed by the tremendous response and encouraged to hear that many of you have had similar bird or animal experiences. We are not alone!

Here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year full of love, joy, peace and progress in changing the world! Stay tuned, I have a feeling 2018 is going to bring good things to all those who are awake, aware, alert and tuned in…more coming soon.

Good fortune to you along the way,

Jim Humble

P.S. Any comments should be sent to: healthrecovery@jimhumble.is

An Amazing Story

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! I want to take this opportunity to tell you a true story. It didn’t take place at Christmas. It doesn’t talk of Christmas trees or jingle bells, but to me, it is kind of Christmassy, in that it demonstrates, I think, that we are not alone in this world.

The Little Bird

I have something amazing to share with you. I hope you will enjoy hearing about it, at least half as much as I have enjoyed the experience. This is a true account of something that happened to us after the seminar I gave on MMS and Longevity this past April. For one reason or another, I have not been able to share this before now, but I think it’s appropriate to do so at this time, and after all, it’s Christmas, a time when magic things can happen.

The MMS Longevity Seminar was fantastic, we had a real good group of people and we all had fun. A couple weeks after the seminar ended, the home where we were staying (as guests) was burglarized. Thieves scaled the wall and broke into the second floor of the house early in the morning, before day break. While we were sleeping, they stole our computers, wallet/purse, funds, cards, phones, and other important items for our work. It was devastating, to say the least.

That day was spent contacting various agencies, banks etc., changing passwords, and doing all it requires to guard from identity theft, among other things. It produced a great amount of strain, especially for my assistant who handled most of the details (with the help of our hosts). I helped as I could, but she did most of the telephoning and picking up the pieces because she hears best on the phone. One goes through such a wide range of emotions when such an event occurs, and there is a large measure of stress and pressure to move as quickly as possible to get things handled properly.

But, an amazing thing happened later that day. In the evening (the day of the robbery) as Cari was sitting at the desk in her room, working with a borrowed computer (about 8:30pm), she happened to glance down at the floor and to her surprise there was a little bird sitting there, not more than three feet away from her feet. It was about the size of a sparrow. Cari froze, and just sat there in amazement watching the bird, not wanting to scare it away. She assumed the bird must have flown in through the door to the small balcony, which was open at the time, but she did not see it fly in. The bird was just there.

After about 20 minutes, the bird started hopping around exploring the room, looking here and there and occasionally ruffling its feathers. This went on for half hour or so. Cari later explained to me how she just sat there watching the bird as he hopped around on the floor. He went all around under the bed, and then came back out again, explored by the dresser and the closet and so on. She explained how many things were going through her mind as she was watching this bird, she being mostly amazed that the bird did not seem in the least bit startled by her presence. Cari said she kept thinking how little the bird must have felt. Picture a tiny sparrow on the floor next to a big dresser the length of the wall, a tall chest of drawers, a bed and so on. She said she was thinking the bird must feel so small compared to all the furniture in the room, and that everything around it was like huge mountains in this closed-in space. Then, as Cari was thinking all these thoughts of how small and even helpless the little bird must have felt in this room of giant mountains [furniture] she said it was as if the bird spoke to her—not audibly, but by telepathy, but the words were definite, and the bird said so clearly, “I might be small, but I can fly!” And then the bird said, “It might seem like I am surrounded by mountains, but I can fly!” Then, a minute later the bird said, “You can fly too!” Like I said, it was not an audible voice, but Cari said she heard this clearly. I think it was a mental or spiritual communication, but it doesn’t matter, it still produced the same results. Cari said she was so encouraged by the message the bird had given her. Then the little bird said to her, “Don’t worry, everything will be OK.” It was a tremendous comfort to Cari after the stress and trauma of the day, and she began feeling much better.

Then after this communication, the bird flew up to a steel strut on the back of the desk where Cari was sitting, (almost level with the desk top). The bird didn’t seem the least bit afraid or worried about Cari working on the computer, about 1 foot (30 Centimeters) away, and he remained on the steel strut, watching Cari work, looking around the room, and occasionally ruffling it feathers, for over an hour. Then it flew back down to the floor and sat there in the same spot when Cari first noticed it. At that point, I walked in the room and again, the bird appeared perfectly comfortable with me being there as well. Cari began telling me about the bird. We wondered if maybe he was sick, though he didn’t really appear to be, the bird was calm, somewhat serene and was not the least bit bothered by our presence.

We had to discuss some business for a few minutes and during that time our focus was not so much on the bird, then we noticed the bird had flown up on top of Cari’s suitcase that was on the dresser. It flew there, we assumed, but we didn’t actually see it fly up there. Cari went and got some seeds and put them on the suitcase and her hand passed very close to the little bird, but again the bird was not startled or scared off in the least. I got a bowl with some water and put it on the suitcase and he hopped around on the suitcase and across the water a couple of times. The suit case was on its side with two of the wheels on the end sticking out and the little bird perched there on one of the wheels.

Like I said, we thought maybe the bird was sick and needed a place to stay. But he didn’t seem to be sick. I assumed if he was sick he would have settled down somewhere, but he did a fair bit of exploring around the room for quite a while and only settled down about 1:00am.

He sat on the suitcase the rest of the night, still seeming perfectly comfortable. When someone invades your privacy such as the thieves did, it can rattle you a bit and it is unsettling. Cari said the bird’s presence in the room during the night brought her a very welcome peace and calm. In the morning he chirped a bit (as if to give a wake-up call?). I got some more seeds of which he ate quite a few and he walked across the water a couple more times. Cari said he drank a few times. Then as we went about our business, mid-morning the bird was gone.

Never in my life before this, and Cari said the same thing, did we ever have a little bird come to spend the night and then be gone the next day. So what do you think? Did a bird sense our upset and come to help? Did a spirit change into a bird and come to give comfort? Was the bird an angel in disguise? Did a being from another dimension think we needed some help? Or did a local bird just get sick and fly into the first place he could see for protection in the night, which just happened to be on the one day that we were shaken?

If any of you have any thoughts on this, send your email to this address: healthrecovery@jimhumble.is I’m curious to hear what you have to say as the “little bird” experience was really something new for me.

How many people have had a little bird that was totally unafraid of us humans, come and stay the night with them this past year? Or any year?

Ok folks, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Don’t forget, even in this busy time of the year, take time out to notice the things around you, maybe a little bird wants to talk to you. Or, maybe someone needs a smile, a pat on the back, or for you to lend them a hand. Keep doing the right thing and help one another.

As always good fortune along the way,

Jim Humble

Reminder: Send any comments to healthrecovery@jimhumble.is